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COMPASS Data Analysis Platform is the true end-to-end data analysis platform with everything you need to get to the insights from your data in minutes. No more Jupyter notebook, no more python or R scripts.

Clinical & Genomic Data Extraction

Harness the power of our platform to effortlessly extract both clinical and genomic data from diverse sources. Streamline your research process by accessing a wide array of data types with ease, empowering you to delve deeper into the intricacies of healthcare data analysis.

Upload and Analyze Your Own Healthcare Data

Take control of your research journey by seamlessly uploading your own study data onto our powerful platform. With just a few clicks, unlock valuable insights and trends hidden within your data, empowering you to make informed decisions and drive impactful discoveries. Perform data clean-ups with our shortcuts instantly.

Fast and Easy Statistical & Machine Learning Analysis

Experience unparalleled efficiency in conducting statistical and machine learning analyses with our user-friendly GUI. Say goodbye to complex coding and tedious processes, as our platform empowers researchers of all levels to perform sophisticated analyses swiftly and effortlessly, accelerating the pace of innovation in healthcare data analysis.

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COMPASS Features

Data Transformation

Seamlessly transform raw, complex healthcare data(i.e. biobank, EHR, EDC) into clean, structured data ready for comprehensive analysis, saving time and resources in data preparation.

Cohort Querying

Define and refine patient cohorts effortlessly with a few clicks, enabling precise selection of subjects for clinical or genomic research based on customized criteria, enhancing research efficiency.

Data Extraction

Easily extract relevant healthcare records or clinical/genomic features through an intuitive GUI, simplifying the creation of comprehensive datasets for in-depth analysis and insights.

Data Exploration

Gain valuable insights into your data through intuitive visualizations and meaningful numerical summaries, facilitating a deeper understanding of underlying patterns and trends.

Statistical Analysis

Conduct a wide range of statistical tests without the need for coding, empowering users to explore and analyze data comprehensively, accelerating the research process and enabling evidence-based decision-making.

AI Model Training

Leverage your data to train AI models effortlessly, harnessing the power of machine learning for predictive analytics and advancing research capabilities in healthcare.

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Bring your Study Design

You simply bring your study designs to COMPASS, where the platform takes care of the rest. COMPASS eliminates the need for researchers to worry about data structures or coding scripts. Instead, researchers can focus solely on their study objectives, as COMPASS seamlessly translates their study designs into actionable analyses, streamlining the entire research process from data extraction to hypothesis testing.

Simplify Data Extraction Process

With COMPASS, extracting cohort and individual healthcare data becomes a seamless process. Researchers can easily specify their criteria and requirements, allowing the platform to swiftly retrieve the necessary data from the extensive datasets available. This streamlined approach saves researchers valuable time and effort, enabling them to focus on the core aspects of their research.

Unlock Insights with Intuitive Analysis Tool

COMPASS provides researchers with a user-friendly interface equipped with a range of powerful analysis tools. Through intuitive graphical user interfaces (GUI), researchers can delve into their data, conduct thorough exploratory analyses, run statistical tests, and even train machine learning models—all with just a few clicks. This intuitive approach empowers researchers to test various hypotheses and derive actionable insights efficiently.

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Real-world Use cases

Explore how our platform drives real-world impact across diverse scenarios, from pioneering clinical research to empowering educational initiatives and advancing genomic analysis and AI-based predictive models.

Clinical Research

Empower researchers to conduct comprehensive clinical studies and analyses using patient data, facilitating evidence-based insights and the publication of impactful research papers. You can also monitor and assess the quality of data collected via your Electronic Data Capture (EDC) system.

External Validation Studies

Validate your findings by comparing them with biobanks like the UK Biobank or diverse population datasets. Our platform enables you to conduct analyses across multiple data sources, all from a single, unified interface.

ML Prediction Models

Enable the training of machine learning prediction models using large-scale biobank data, such as the UK Biobank, for insights into disease risk, prognosis, and treatment response, driving advancements in predictive analytics and precision healthcare.

Genomic Analysis

Facilitate genomic analysis, including Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS), by leveraging patient genetic data to explore variations and their associations with diseases or traits. Our highly scalable computing cluster provides all the necessary resources to conduct your genomic analysis, allowing you to focus on identifying key cohorts of interest.

Educational Tool

Act as an interactive educational platform for researchers to gain hands-on experience with diverse healthcare data formats, statistical testing methods, and machine learning model training processes, fostering skill development and proficiency.

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We've been collaborating with research organizations, educating students, presenting at conferences, and working on our own research projects using COMPASS. We hope you can accelerate your research with our product as well!


I don't have much coding experience. Can I still use this platform?

Of course! our goal is to streamline your workflow by packaging all essential, yet repetitive algorithms and data analysis methods into well-tested code. We offer a user-friendly interface complete with extensive guidance, eliminating the need for script writing or reinventing the wheel.

I already work closely with bio-statician(s). Will this platform replace his/her role?

No, this platform does not replace your statistician or bio-statistician. With this platform, you can do much of the core data analysis on your own. Once you have your insights and analysis, you can then work with your statistician for more advanced analysis.

Can I download the plots and tables generated with my data?

Absolutely! We use the platform to perform various analysis and download the plots for our papers. Many of our statistical analysis methods come with comprehensive reports that detail your results and provide clear explanations on how to interpret them.

What if I need to use more advanced machine learning algorithms or algorithms you don't have on COMPASS?

Our platform was architected to be highly extensible so that we can easily add on new algorithms or capabilities.

What if I don't have my own computing cluster, and don't want to upload my research data to your server?

We also offer our platform as an on-premises solution, where everything is packaged into a workstation or server that requires no network connection. This ensures that your data and analyses remain within your secure environment at all times.

What kind of data sources can the platform work with?

For our own researches we have successfully integrated with the UK Biobank project (500,000 UK participant longitudinal healthcare data) and the MIMIC-IV database in the OMOP CDM(Observational Medical Outcomes Partnership Common Data Model) format. COMPASS includes our own Extract-Transform-Load (ETL) pipeline that can be customized to import your data into a secure data warehouse that can be used by COMPASS.

Are you guys researchers or software engineers?

We are a dedicated team of researchers, data engineers, and software developers at Cipherome. Our platform was born from our own challenges in conducting pharmacogenomic research with UK Biobank data. Navigating the complexities of biobank data and managing intricate criteria and parameters efficiently proved demanding. Motivated by these challenges, we developed automated, efficient workflows that allow us to concentrate on our research rather than troubleshooting Jupyter notebooks or resolving dependencies in Python or R packages. Realizing the transformative impact of our platform, we are eager to support other researchers facing similar challenges.

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