Maximize Your Research Potential with COMPASS Features

Data Transformation

Seamlessly transform raw, complex healthcare data(i.e. biobank, EHR, EDC) into clean, structured data ready for comprehensive analysis, saving time and resources in data preparation.

Cohort Querying

Define and refine patient cohorts effortlessly with a few clicks, enabling precise selection of subjects for clinical or genomic research based on customized criteria, enhancing research efficiency.

Data Extraction

Easily extract relevant healthcare records or clinical/genomic features through an intuitive GUI, simplifying the creation of comprehensive datasets for in-depth analysis and insights.

Data Exploration

Gain valuable insights into your data through intuitive visualizations and meaningful numerical summaries, facilitating a deeper understanding of underlying patterns and trends.

Statistical Analysis

Conduct a wide range of statistical tests without the need for coding, empowering users to explore and analyze data comprehensively, accelerating the research process and enabling evidence-based decision-making.

AI Model Training

Leverage your data to train AI models effortlessly, harnessing the power of machine learning for predictive analytics and advancing research capabilities in healthcare.

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