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From individual researchers to healthcare organizations, COMPASS empowers their healthcare research journey with intuitive tools and comprehensive solutions, enabling transformative insights and impactful discoveries in the healthcare field.

Our story

Let's embark on the journey of how it all started...

2019 • January

Internal Research and Clinical Studies (Pre-Conceptualization)

Originating from our team's pursuit of personalized medicine, we delved into developing a patent for personal drug response prediction algorithm and conducting clinical studies on drug adverse reactions (ADR) to prevent treatment failure. Our internal focus on personalized medicine catalyzed numerous clinical research initiatives, laying the foundation for our journey.

2021 • August


As our internal research progressed, we identified a common pain point among researchers: the cumbersome process of scripting for data extraction and analysis, detracting from their primary focus on uncovering clinical insights. Motivated by this insight, we began conceptualizing a tool to streamline the research process with messy healthcare data, exploring key concepts and features necessary for its development.

2022 • March

1st Prototype Development and Patent Application Submitted

Building upon our conceptualization, we embarked on drafting platform screens, infra architecture, and crafting the first prototype of our product. Simultaneously, we formalized the core concept of our product and submitted a patent application centered around a multi-center distributed ETL pipeline for organizing healthcare data and machine learning methodologies.

2022 • October

COMPASS Initial launch

The culmination of our efforts led to the official launch of COMPASS, marking its introduction to external stakeholders. This initial release represented a significant milestone in our journey towards providing a solution that simplifies healthcare data analysis and enhances research efficiency.

2023 • January


Following the launch, we initiated external engagements to expand COMPASS's reach and impact. This included collaborating with research organizations, leveraging COMPASS for our own research publications, participating in conferences, and introducing COMPASS to universities as an educational tool, furthering our commitment to advancing healthcare research and education.

Our vision with COMPASS

To revolutionize healthcare research by providing innovative solutions that empower researchers and organizations to unlock the full potential of healthcare data.
We envision a future where every individual, from researchers to healthcare professionals, can harness the power of data-driven insights to drive positive change and improve patient outcomes. With a dedicated team committed to pushing the boundaries of possibility, we strive to lead the way in advancing healthcare research, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation to create a healthier world for all.

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